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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi d3 - if you want to keep a curve or any particular object to use later on, you can select it and then run the File > Export command to export just that object to its own 3DM file.

You could then store that file in a folder named "library parts" or whatever you want...

Then later on if you want to re-use it, run the File > Import command to bring it in to whatever file you are currently working on.

Also in MoI v2 there is a new variant of Import that is called "ImportPart", which you can activate by right-clicking on the Import button in the File menu. ImportPart will also bring in the geometry from the file you pick, but also allow you to immediately position it with the orientation tool so you can apply it on to a planar face that you click on. After you place it with the initial click you can drag on parts of the axis tripod to control its rotation, and then press Done or right-click when you are finished.

To control the base position of the part, either position it relative to the 0,0,0 origin point when you save it to the 3DM file, or you can also set up the construction plane (using the View > CPlane tool) to define the part's base position when you write the file.

> And could it be possiple to have feature freezer or option to lock
> sketch so it doesn`t change until
> you unlock it?

There is a lock tool under the Edit menu here:

If you lock an object it will not be selectable, so it will also be prevented from being changed since to edit an object you have to select it first.

Later on when you want to unlock it, push that same button without anything selected and it will unlock all locked objects. If you only want to unlock a few locked objects, hold down Ctrl when you click that Lock button and you will then do the "Unlock subset" operation which lets you pick just a few of the currently locked objects to unlock and then when you are done selecting, press Done or right-click and only those objects you picked will become unlocked.

You can also lock or unlock things like named items or all items belonging to a certain style by using the Scene browser, hold down Ctrl and click where the eye icon is to do lock/unlock.

- Michael