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 From:  KennD (KENNDANN)
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Just purchased Moi a few days ago and continue to appreciate its' value and abilities. I use Solidworks as my main design tool and all but depend on the ability to drag 2D shapes through a solid, resulting in either a boss or a cut depending on where you stop. A great improvement to Sw was the development of 'Instant 3d'. I increasingly work interactively with clients, refining their ideas in real-time and they love the ability to 'see' shapes emerge and change in this fluid fashion. Could some version of this be incorporated into a future release of Moi?

I have been using Moi to fine tune Sw geometry for import to modo for rendering (as the Sw importer is horrible), but am finding it ever more useful for geometry development as my familiarity grows.

thanks for the good work Michael