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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi d3, so one nice thing about having that built in directly to the Booleans is that you can do simple cuts from a 2D view by just drawing a curve and doing the cut immediately without even worrying about any difference in elevation between the curve and the solid.

For example, say you want to slice off the end of this cylinder with a level cut:

In the Front view you can just draw a line segment for where you want the cut like this:

Then select the Cylinder, run the Boolean Difference command, select the line as the cutting object and it will automatically cut it with a plane dividing it in 2 pieces (here I moved one over a bit to help illustrate):

That's despite the fact that the cylinder happened to be at some other depth than the line, looking at this case in the 3D view it actually looks like this:

But I didn't have to worry about what the depth relationship was because of the extrusion mechanism built into the booleans.

So that helps a lot to carve things up quite rapidly just using 2D curves for the cutting objects.

If it was the other way around and there was instead a cut option only inside of the Extrude command instead of in the booleans, you probably wouldn't really be able to do the whole operation from just the front view, you'd have to worry about extruding far enough to make sure the pieces hit each other.

- Michael