Copy pattern

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi d3, there is actually an automatic extrusion built into the Booleans already.

So for example in the case I showed previously with the sphere and the circles:

You do not need to do any extra extrusion step to make the cuts - just select the sphere, run the Boolean Difference command, and for the cutting objects pick the circle curves.

The booleans will automatically extrude those circle curves to make this result (here I just also deleted the circles after doing the cut):

So for cases like that, just perform the Boolean directly between the solid and the curves.

There are still some refinements that I want to add to this in the future - right now it works for cases where you want to cut all the way through the object. If you want to only cut to a certain depth, then that's when you would need to do an extrusion as an additional step currently.

- Michael