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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi KennD, I'm not really familiar with exactly what "Instant 3d" is in SolidWorks, do you have some example or description of it that you could point me towards?

Is it about "direct manipulation" like grabbing an existing face of a model and moving it up or down?

If so then that is something I want to try in the future but it can take quite a lot of work to make that function well, it is not really something that comes in a totally "natural" way with NURBS objects, it involves a lot of stuff like analysis of the shapes involved.

Also it is not really an area that is handled already in the geometry library that MoI uses, so it would involve writing much of that from scratch which is possible but will involve quite a bit of work.

I think it will probably be something I can add to MoI in the future but it will probably be focused on pretty basic situations and it may take a while before it will happen.

- Michael