ATI 38xx compatibility?

 From:  xaotik
3438.5 In reply to 3438.3 
> Also if you are overclocking the card or the CPU or something you might want to back off that and see if it improves things.
> Sometimes that can produce weird effects.

Nah, I haven't overclocked this at all and it's well cooled, getting at most up to 35C.

> I did a quick google search for "ATI 3850 crash" and see a lot of stuff...

Yeah, it's to be expected you'd find a lot of stuff - it was marketed as a budget gaming card really so there will be a lot of gamers out there with crashes. However, as I said this isn't a typical crash - the machine is responsive, just the VGA bugs out and there's no logging of it anywhere, nothing spits out an error, no blue screen, nothing - if I set the machine to standby and then resume it returns to rendering normally, MoI is still there, until I try to manipulate anything in MoI. Is there some sort of verbose debug logging mode I can enable in MoI?