ATI 38xx compatibility?

 From:  xaotik
Hi everyone,

I've just recently discovered this absolute gem of a modeler - truly excellent work on this "little" program. I'm thoroughly enjoying the trial version for the time being.

I have a slight issue though getting it to work with my ATI 3850 on one of my machines. On the other, older one, I have an nVidia 6800GT which works flawlessly. Both machines run XP. With the ATI-using one as soon as I click on any viewport and attempt any sort of operation the VGA stops sending anything to the monitor - I have to standby and resume my computer to get the drivers to reset and even after that any d3d app I try to use won't start and I have to reboot. On the same machine I use both Blender and SolidWorks for extended periods of time without any issues at all. I looked through the event log and, typically, nothing was logged and of course I have no crash dumps to share either. Just for reference, I got the 10.2 driver version (10.3 was released a few days ago).

Any ideas what I may check? I've set all the d3d options to application-controlled and went through the moi.ini trying to find any sort of graphic settings but nothing seemed to help.