Shelling problem

 From:  Dan (CORNYSH)
3424.8 In reply to 3424.7 
>but note that there are 2 places within that little script that you have to replace

Duh! Apparently my brain was turned off :-) Many thanks, all is now working as it should.

On an unrelated note I spent many hours in MoI yesterday and I have to say it treated me incredibly gently given my lack of experience. It works, it works well and it works in a way that a beginner can grasp. I keep finding little "surprise and delight" features like rotation. I had been messing around trying to rotate something with the rotate tool and coincidentally I clicked on the rotate widget in the edit frame of the object; a bounding box duly appeared. "Hmm" I thought, "maybe..." and sure enough I could immediately move the centre of rotation and due to the object and straights snaps 2 seconds later the thing was done - easier than the rotate tool by far.

Or remembering that I needed something from a previous version of the drawing and wondering if copy and paste might work. I started another copy of MoI, copied the parts, pasted and they appeared exactly where they should be. Both small things perhaps, but this would all have been very hard work in TurboCAD with my level of competence. I also appreciate the ability to customise things like the number fly-out and other parts of the UI that I didn't like; developers do sometimes get religious about such things and try to force them on users.

My lack of experience in 3D means that I still have problems with some tools (Orient.... ugh!) but overall it amazes me what I have already achieved in MoI. Every 3D novice should start with this software - it's just a no-brainer. The amount I paid on v1 and the upgrade to v2 is money very well spent. I'm looking forward to new features in v3 of course but I will need some time to really make the best use of v2.