Shelling problem

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Dan, could you please post a model file with the headlight and the surface you want to place it onto in the file?

That will make it easier for me to show you using your exact model. If I just create something from scratch it may have different proportions, or I may not understand what particular point you want to have as the point directly on the surface or things like that, it is just a lot easier if I can see your model rather than only having you describe it.

The Orient tool should be able to do what you want, possibly the part you may be having difficulty with is the picking of the source orientation frame. That will probably be something you want to have centered inside the headlight, it will be the "base point" that will then become the point that sits directly on the surface during the second phase of the orientation.

There are some other related tools that could possibly be easier for you to use, maybe try this - select your headlight and right-click the Copy button. The right-click there will run the "Copy with origin point" command instead of the regular copy. That lets you pick a point to define the base point of the copy, so pick a point centered inside the headlight which you would like to correspond with sitting directly on the surface.

Then Right-click on the Paste button, that will do a "PastePart" which will paste in the stuff from the clipboard but also let you set their orientation. Now pick a point on the surface and it will orient the headlight to be perpendicular to it. Oh also in this situation it will orient the original Z axis direction to be going along the surface normal, so for this case you want your headlight to be in a "rest" position pointing upwards.

That process with the source and the target done as 2 completely different steps may be easier for you to control. There are also keyboard shortcuts for those, you can use Ctrl+Shift+C for the copy with origin, and Ctrl+Shift+V for the paste with orientation.

The Orient command does the same kind of thing, but with all the steps combined into one command and also allows a full angular orientation of the base frame to be specified instead of only an origin point (with the z axis being implicit in the source direction in that case).

- Michael