From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Paolo, I don't think there would be a easy way to make the regular view zoomed like that.

But maybe a different way that would be useful would be to make a shortcut key that ran a script that generated an image to the clipboard of the specific size that you need.

To do that, go to Options > Shortcut keys, and add in a new entry. For the key part put in whatever key you want to trigger it (like possibly S for screencap or whatever you want), and for the command paste in the following:

script: /* Render 1280x1024 view to clipboard */ var v = moi.ui.getActiveViewport(); if ( v != null ) { v.renderToClipboard( 1280, 1024 ); }

Then whenever you hit that key in MoI, it will generate a viewport image to that 1280x1024 pixel size for the viewport instead of its current actual window size, and place the generated image onto the Windows clipboard so you can paste it into something else.

You still may want to create some kind of bounding rectangle that you select and do a view reset to, so that you can get a consistent view set up each time you take the screenshot.

- Michael