Loose Lofting for buttons etc.

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Roger, MoI does have a Loose Loft option in the Loft command, set it with the "Loft Style" dropdown option here:

When you run a command in MoI, look in that upper right area of the window to see the controls for which different options are available in the command.

There isn't currently a way to make a loft collapse down to a single point though, so instead you would probably want to make a little circle for the top area.

Also though, the kind of dome type shapes that are shown in that tutorial tend to be better to do with Revolve instead of by lofting, it's easier to control the shape by drawing just one side profile that is revolved. For something like an ellipse shape, you can use rail revolve with a side profile and an ellipse for the rail.

You just get more control with revolve for such things since you are more directly controlling the shape by drawing the side profile curve, rather than trying to manipulate several different curves and trying to control the interaction between them like you would with Loft.

You can make a dome that goes directly to a point just by having the side profile touch the revolve axis.

So for instance take this profile curve:

Then select it and run Construct > Revolve, and pick these 2 points for the revolve axis:

That will make an indented dome type shape:

Also after you have done the revolve, you can turn on control points of the profile curve and edit it and the revolve will update so you can tweak it.

You can see that same kind of revolve tweaking in the Pod video tutorial, check it out here:

Usually it is better to prefer commands that use a smaller number of curves to create the shape you want, because it is easier to manipulate just one curve instead of a batch of them.

- Michael