Finally took the plunge

 From:  roj (ROJHARRIS)
Hello All,

Well, After literally years of humming and hahing (how do you spell that?) I took the plunge and bought MOI this afternoon. I immediately downloaded the beta of V2 and I must say I love it! I'm already building stuff much quicker than I can in Rhino and it's way more fun too! Now, after all this time I can finally get my meshes into modo looking lovely! (Thinks...I'll bet I never get another cad job now! )

Anyway, this looks like a nice forum to be in (I've been lurking for years) and I'm happy to be a fully paid up member!

Michael, looks like I won't be needing to buy V1 after 2 comes out; I'll be buying 2 as soon as!! Keep up the excellent work.

ok, enough gushing, back to modelling.