Improved fillet

 From:  Michael Gibson
3416.2 In reply to 3416.1 
Hi Marc, it also helps a lot when the letter geometry itself is cleaner.

Some fonts have pretty messy geometry like things split up into lots of little tiny pieces, or pieces that are not quite tangent to one another and stuff like that.

Those are things that you can't really tell when the font is used only to make 2D bitmap text, but once something more fancy like a fillet tries to use it, it is much more sensitive to those kinds of problems.

Also fonts can often have tight bends and corners and small areas in them, which is difficult for filleting.

That font you have there looks like it has nice clean geometry and doesn't have tight bends or compressed areas which is a big help.

You can still pretty easily run into filleting problems with other fonts though, just so you know...

- Michael