Isolation mode ? Sub-layers(styles) ?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi DesuDeus,

> Well I use colors (materials) to separate my meshes
> For example all the door frames have the same material
> (separate objects, different geometry, but same mats)

Right, but in your post above you wrote:

         For example you got a folder called "First floor doors"

So I thought you might be talking about some organization where you had something like "First floor doors" and then "Second floor doors" as separate organization groups.

That's possibly the kind of a thing where you might want to use Groups additionally since you could have separate groups for "First floor doors", and "Second floor doors", but have common materials between them.

> So having layers only in groups would be kinda difficult
> for me to get used to

Well, the idea is that you could use Groups at the same time as Styles, not just only have all one or all the other.

Some kinds of organization may be different than their visual look, like separating things into "first floor" and "second floor".

> Do you have any timeframe for beta 3 ?

No, not yet. It may take a couple of months or so from the end of v2 until the first v3 beta.

- Michael