Isolation mode ? Sub-layers(styles) ?

 From:  Michael Gibson
3415.7 In reply to 3415.4 
Hi DesuDeus, re: folders for styles - that probably would work a lot better than trying some kind of "parent style / child style" type thing.

I've added that to the wishlist here:

But some of what you are describing may be better organized by Groups, like you mention "First floor doors", but probably for styles you would not normally want to have special looking doors just for the first floor. If you wanted to have some structure that had something like "All doors" with "First floor doors", and "Second floor doors" as children of it, that may be something that will work better with using Groups to organize them and hide/show/select them rather than using styles for the organization method.

But we'll see more about that when I get a chance to work on a Groups mechanism in v3.

- Michael