Isolation mode ? Sub-layers(styles) ?

 From:  Michael Gibson
3415.3 In reply to 3415.1 
Hi DesuDeus,

> My scene is becoming very heavy and its hard to
> manage all the styles without sub-styles :)

Maybe you could show some kind of mockup for how you'd like to have sub-styles to work?

Would you have parent styles have colors of their own and have objects assignable to them, or would only the child styles have colors assigned to them?

If both parents and children had their own colors, then would the colors of a parent style have some kind of effect on their children or not?

I think it could potentially add a lot of complexity and would also cause the Style system to no longer map as directly to the concept of materials in an OBJ file.

It is a major goal for Styles to make them control material assignments when exporting to renderers.

- Michael