How do I enter dimentions

 From:  Michael Gibson
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> as well as use construction lines that I can space apart for reference.

For this part you would probably want to draw one line, then use Transform > Array > Dir to make copies of it along one direction with the spacing you need.

Use distance constraint to specify the spacing - to do that click in this box here:

To set the distance you want, that will make the 2nd point pick fot the directional array to use that distance for the spacing.

For some other things like drawing a line or a polyline you can just enter a distance constraint by typing a number and pushing Enter without clicking in that little box above, but for array dir your keystrokes will go to the "Item count" field that is in the ArrayDir options in the upper right area of the window, so for this case you need to click on that distance constraint box to set the distance constraint.

- Michael