have this 3dm file. In Rhino can see it, cannot see object in MOI

 From:  Michael Gibson
3402.2 In reply to 3402.1 
Hi Rudy, it's because the object in the file is a polygon mesh object and not a NURBS object.

Rhino can store a variety of different kinds of data in a 3DM file, like NURBS, polygon meshes, dimensions and annotation text, spotlights, etc... but MoI only loads any NURBS objects it finds in the 3DM file and skips over the other kinds of objects that it does not currently deal with.

If you look at the object properties in Rhino for that object (or use the "What" command), you'll see it says that it says "Object type: Mesh".

For something like this that does not have a whole lot of faces on it, you can actually turn it into a NURBS object in Rhino by using the "MeshToNurb" command, which will make a trimmed NURBS plane for every polygon in the mesh. Then that converted object is possible to load into MoI.

- Michael