MoI at CGtalk

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Frenchy, thanks for posting about MoI over there.

There is some incorrect information in one of the posts there - one person complained about needing to click the move tool for every single movement... They don't seem to realize that you can just click and drag on an object to immediately move it around. The move tool on the Transform tab is for doing a precise move with an exact displacement between 2 specific points.

I get the feeling that particular guy tried it out for about 5 seconds or so and had already decided before-hand that he hated any type of CAD or NURBS modeling at all.

Certainly by default I can't have tablet viewport navigation tools that only work on tablets that have physical shortcut buttons on the tablet, only the brand newest tablets have these, there are a bazillion ones out there without these.

But anyway, that's ok - there are a lot of types of models that are hard to do in NURBS and easier to do in a polygon-based subdivision surface modeler. Sometimes people who are focused a lot on particular types of freeform character modeling don't really understand why people want accuracy or CAD type features at all, they just think that CAD is a complete abomination because it is not suited for their particular industry.

- Michael