curve edit points

 From:  Luis (LFUNG)

I convinced my brother in law to buy MoI because he needed a solar panel design, so I've been working on the program for a little bit. I really love how easy it is to learn and use MoI. I have three questions, don't know if they are correctly termed or make sense at all...but here they go...

1. Is there a way to create a snap point on a curve at the intersection (and/or projected intersection?) with another a curve or line?
The background for this, with "edit/show points" on, I can pick an arbitrary point on a curve and snap that to other places or snap points, but i cannot pick the exact point of an intersection or projected intersection using construction lines or any other help geometry. any help would be appreciated.

2. Another similar question which I think may have been asked, but i cannot find the post anymore: is there a way to add/create/show/manipulate edit points that reside on the curve which can be used to drive changes to the curve and snap to points where the curve must pass through?

3. Is there a concept of isoparms built into MoI? If so, is possible to use that as construction aid?

This is my first post.

Many thanks,