Can I buy V1 after V2 comes out?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Roger, I'm not entirely sure if V1 will be available after v2 is out.

I guess it probably will be but you may need to e-mail me for the order page link as I may not have it on the web site.

> I will just be importing a rhino mesh and exporting
> an obj, that's all I need.

Well, the thing is there are quite a lot of improvements to this specific area in v2...

In particular there is a huge speed increase that is very useful for dealing with complex meshes.

Also other things like v2 supports preserving object names, and layers will become material assignments.

If you only have a few fairly simple objects to convert then you would probably be all right with v1 but if you're going to be doing it frequently and with more complex stuff, the improvements in v2 are quite significant.

Eventually when I get to something like MoI v4 I may at that point be ready to have a reduced functionality "lite" type version that would be good to get for conversions only, but it will be a while yet before I'm ready to branch out into having multiple versions like that.

- Michael