Can I buy V1 after V2 comes out?

 From:  roj (ROJHARRIS)
Hi Michael,

I have been putting off buying MOI for some years now as I don't do tons of cad and when I do I use Rhino + T-Splines. However, I never could get the kind of perfect poly meshes out of rhino that you can get out of MOI. (I've recently seen PaQ's stuff on the modo forum and the meshes are beautiful!). So, I think I will have to bite the bullet and get MOI purely for the mesher. I know V2 is imminent but more expensive and I was wondering if I'll be able to still buy V1 after it comes out as I don't need extra features etc. I will just be importing a rhino mesh and exporting an obj, that's all I need. I'm a bit skint at the moment though and want to hold off until I get some dosh in.