Export option for OBJ names needed - object names lost

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Micha, I'm sorry it's not entirely clear what you are asking about.

MoI does not store layer names as the object name in an OBJ export - layers are called "Styles" in MoI, and Styles become a materials list and material assignments in the OBJ file.

Object names are totally separate from Style names - an "object name" is a label assigned to an object that is separate from its style/layer assignment.

Object names are also written to an OBJ file, they are written into the OBJ file as an "o" directive which is intended to label the name for an object in the file.

> After meshing per MoI I lost all object names, but got the layer
> names as object name.

That should not happen - object names should be preserved, and there is nothing in MoI that tries to copy the style name to be the object name.

If you are seeing this, can you please send me a small sample 3DM file that I can use to reproduce the behavior?

But I think that you may have gotten confused between some of these various names...

> It could be nice, if the OBJ object naming could get an option
> (at the export option page), so that the user could choose
> between layer names or original object names.

You want an option to write the object name as something totally different than the actual object name? That seems like it would be pretty weird.

Since there is an "object name" in MoI and there is something for the "object name" in the OBJ file, it is most natural that these should match.

I could create a script for you that would do something like set objects to have the same object name as their assigned style, if that would be any help.

- Michael