cannot open directly MOI files

 From:  Michael Gibson
3393.6 In reply to 3393.5 
Hi Rudy,

> When I install the new Beta, somehow it override the
> MOI v1...meaning, whenever I open a 3dm file, it opens
> in the new beta.

Yeah, that's kind of hard to avoid with Windows file associations - only 1 program can be associated with a particular file extension as the default program to open it when double-clicking on the file, and when you install the new beta, it will set itself to be the current version to open with it.

But you can adjust the file association to whatever you need by using that dialog box that I showed earlier.

> when it is it the official V2 release?

Well, I'm working on updating the documentation, that's the only part that I have left to finish before being able to do the final release...

- Michael