cannot open directly MOI files

 From:  Rudy
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Hello Michael,
I have fixed it.
Actually, it is not the flash drive the problem (to me, if I may...). I actually istalled the new Beta last night on my hard drive, and tonight excited about the new laptop, I downloaded on the flash drive.

I have noticed again a while back when I have installed another Beta of v2, back in september.
When I install the new Beta, somehow it override the MOI v1...meaning, whenever I open a 3dm file, it opens in the new beta.
Anyway...not sure what I want to say.....
I uninstall the new Beta Feb21, and installed it again.
Then (see jpg) I saw what I needed to see (circled in red).
then I've choosen the MOI application, check "alyas open with this program" and back to reality again.
Anyway, now it is OK.
Before uninstalling, I did chose program (as you said in your answer), it opened in C//program files,, when I go to MOI v1 and even MOI v2 Beta, go inside the folder, and click the icon, could not trasport the MOI 3d modeling/CAD application icon as list of programs....

anyway, now it is OK.
when it is it the official V2 release?

Thank you Michaeld as usual.
Really I love MOI!

Best regards,
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