cannot open directly MOI files

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Rudy, yup the v2 mesh creation (like for saving to an STL file) is much, much faster than v1 - among other optimizations it also makes use of multiple CPU cores now, which all adds up to about 25 times faster mesh generation over v1 on a quad core computer.

So when you say you put the new beta on a flash drive, do you mean that you just put the installer on the flash drive, or do you mean that when you ran the installer, you picked the flash drive as the main installation target folder?

You probably shouldn't use a flash drive that will get disconnected later as the main installation folder - you can copy MoI to a flash drive and run it from there if you want, but you probably should do that by installing it to a regular place on your hard drive first (like c:\Program Files) so that you have a regular installation and then copy the installation folder to the flash drive which you will be removing later, if you want to bring MoI with you to other computers on that flash drive.

But anyway, your problem should be fixable by using the "Choose program..." option that is at the bottom of the menu that you showed in your own screenshot:

That will then open up another dialog box that looks like this:

Set the checkbox that says "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file", and push the "Browse..." button near the bottom there - that will open up a file dialog and you will need to find the MoI.exe program wherever you installed it and pick it with this dialog box.

Once you have done that, that should tell the Windows shell that you want it to open files with the .3DM file extension with that particular program.

This file association is set up for you automatically by the installer, but that will probably get messed up if you install to some location that then goes away like a flash drive, that sounds like what happened to you.

But with the above steps you can tell the Windows shell to use whatever specific program you want for opening files with a certain file extension.

- Michael