Problem with Types -> Selected objects

 From:  Michael Gibson
3392.5 In reply to 3392.4 
Hi Dave, some kinds of bug fixes can just be too risky to attempt right near the end of a beta cycle, especially if the bug fix will involve altering some sensitive or heavily used area.

In this case it would involve altering behavior that happens on every selection, that's such a frequently occuring and important area that I'm just not comfortable with making any changes to what happens after every selection at the end of the beta cycle.

It seems that the "Selected/Unselected" sub categories in Types just were not used by anyone at all until recently, otherwise this bug would have surfaced earlier. That also makes it hard to justify a potentially disruptive fix when it is in such a little used area.

There is a lot of potential with any change to actually introduce new problems and bugs even while fixing some other one. That's why it can sometimes be better to actually not attempt to fix a bug, especially if it is in a "high potential danger" area, and for a "low usage" type area.

Anyway, I hope that will explain the reasons why it can be better to defer some bug fixes.

Basically, making any changes at all to heavily used areas right before shipping a final product without any beta testing of them is not a good recipe for stability.

- Michael