Problem with Types -> Selected objects

 From:  Dave Morrill (DMORRILL)
3392.4 In reply to 3392.3 

I'm actually a bit surprised that you are deferring the fix of a V2 bug until V3, especially since the browser seems like one of the big features of V2 and having it work in a way that is extremely confusing and frustrating to the user doesn't seem like the approach you normally take.

I just ran across this bug today, and spent a lot of time head scratching, trying to figure out if I correctly understood how the browser was supposed to work or not. Eventually I did a search of the forums and found this thread. I've now bound you're one liner "fix" to a hot-key, but it is still a bit annoying having to select something, press the hot-key, then click the eyeball icon in the browser to hide the selected object.

I hope you at least document the problem clearly in the documentation, and provide the information on how to set up the hot-key fix...

- Dave Morrill