Problem with Types -> Selected objects

 From:  Michael Gibson
3392.2 In reply to 3392.1 
Hi Rado, looks like there is a bug there where the special "Selected" and "Unselected" sub-categories in Types are not getting updated properly.

As a workaround for now try turning off the scene browser and then turn it back on again and that should get those sub-categories refreshed to show the proper states.

The main problem is that the scene browser is only getting updated when the geometry database is changed, like when objects are created or deleted. The scene browser is not getting updated when there is only a selection change.

That would be a pretty high impact change to try and fix this bug now for v2 when there are not any more beta releases going to be out for it. There's a pretty big risk to change the behavior of what is happening on every selection - it is an area where it is pretty easy for bad things to happen like slowdowns for too many UI updates when selecting a lot of objects or stuff like that.

So I think it's likely this bug is going to have to remain in for v2 and will get fixed in v3.

- Michael