What happened to my vertex normals...??

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi s7r83dg3, did Modo crash immediately on reading in a file exported from MoI, or did the Modo crash happen while just generally using and doing stuff in Modo?

If it's the first one, then if you can send me the file that you are trying to export from MoI that may be something that I could look at.

If it's the second problem where you crashed in Modo just during modeling and using Modo, then there isn't anything I can think of that I could do about that - you would most likely need to get some help from Luxology to make progress on solving problems like that.

There are various situations where Modo will discard the vertex normals, so you want to avoid doing things that cause that to happen. See PaQ's thread in the luxology forum for some details:

- Michael