Is it possible to append spline curve writing to lwo file?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Allan,

Right now this DXF converter does not generate any curve that opens with current tools in Modo or Lightwave.
Maybe they should correct some importer code?

Well ideally yes they would adjust their importer to read the curves in since that would do what you want!

But DXF files can contain quite a variety of different kinds of data in them, things like lines, curves, annotation text, drafting dimensions, solids, polygon meshes, hatch patterns, etc, etc...

Probably their DXF importer is only trying to read a specific kind of entity out of the DXF files, like probably only a polyface mesh entity and it probably skips every other kind of thing that could be in the DXF file such as spline curves.

So that's probably what is going on there, but it was worth a try.

Maybe you will have to ask LightWave or Modo support if there is any file format that they can import 3D curve data from.

- Michael