Is it possible to append spline curve writing to lwo file?

 From:  Michael Gibson
3373.2 In reply to 3373.1 
Hi Allan, I think that the type of spline curve that you're talking about is not a NURBS curve though, it's a different kind of spline, if it is the one that is labeled as a "CURV" type in the LWO file documentation.

So the curves that MoI use would not directly translate over.

It could be theoretically possible to try and make some kind of curve refitting mechanism that would try to recalculate the structure of a NURBS curve over into the different type but that would probably take quite a bit of work.

> Is it possible add such type curve to Moi?

You mean add in some completely new drawing tools and new curve snapping and intersection methods and all of that? I guess theoretically possible but probably quite a lot of work.

It would be a lot easier if Modo / LightWave used more standard style NURBS curves for that stuff, then they would be able to bring in curves from any CAD program.

- Michael