New Preview z1000

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi tijai, it's looking great starting to come together as an actual bike now!

For heavier scenes you may want to adjust the display mesh density down.

By default MoI generates a pretty heavy display mesh that looks nice but can contain quite a large number of polygons. If you have a lot of objects with each of them having a heavy display mesh that can add up to a lot.

For heavier scenes, try going to Options > View > Meshing parameters, and set the "Mesh angle" option to a coarser angle like 20 degrees rather than the default 10 degrees, and uncheck "Add detail to inflections".

That will produce a somewhat more coarse looking display of your objects, but it will cut down quite considerably on the number of polygons being used for the display and it should help to reduce memory consumption and speed up things on heavy scenes.

- Michael