New Preview z1000

 From:  tijai

i wanna see how many objects MoI can handle on my PC (quadcore 2,4 / nvidia 8800 GT)
and.. i think its time to split the bike in some groups:-) Its not so fast anymore in the viewport... but workable.

And a big thanks to the creator of MoI: i never got a crash with MoI!!!

Attached some WIP-Pictures...

the wheels... i try to make the profil with booleans... on a round wheel... (of course:-) but i think its better to make it on a flat, stretched cube and bend it later in Modo to a wheel. This will be "cleaner", i think...
or is there a good way in MoI to make clean surrounding cut? I try several ways... but its not so easy:-)
the fueltank is just a placeholder... its not 100% a kawasaki-fueltank

best regards,