SHORTCUT KEYS Limited to 1 letter?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Benjamin,

> however I noticed even I can add some shortcuts, they are
> limited to 1 character, or combinations like CTRL + "x"...

Yes, that's a relatively common limitation for many Windows programs in general (including AutoCAD even), that shortcut keys are single letter keystrokes, with possibly a modifier key like Ctrl or Alt.

> Is this a limitation for trial version? or simply are not implemented
> to work with more than two characters?.

It's just how it is set up to work currently.

> I use to work with almost all shortcuts for autocad, I guess is faster
> than "Click button-do it-click another buton"

Well, AutoCAD has a "command line" interface where you type stuff in and push Enter to run things.

Are you actually referring to shortcut keys in AutoCAD or a different mechanism in AutoCAD which is called "command aliases".

I just took a look at AutoCAD 2008, and its shortcut key mechanism also seems to be limited to a single keystroke as well, exactly the same as MoI. This is when you go under the Tools menu, under Tools > Customize > Interface > Keyboard Shortcuts.

Shortcut keys are where things are launched immediately upon the keystroke (no pressing enter required) and your keystrokes do not actually go to the command line at all.

Aliases are where you can set up smaller command names, but they are launched not just by typing in 2 characters but also by hitting enter or space to "commit" the stuff in the command line.

MoI does not have a full command line type interface like AutoCAD so it is not really oriented around having command aliases in that same way.

In the future I do want to do some work to try to add in a Generic-CAD style multi-key shortcut mechanism, which is where you just type the 2 characters and it launches the shortcut without actually pressing enter.

I have added a note in the wishlist for this here:

> and so on, can this feature be corrected/ added in upcoming next v2.0?

No, the last beta release for version 2.0 has already been released, so there won't be any more changes coming for v2.

- Michael