STEP issues with FEB BETA?

 From:  Michael Gibson
3351.11 In reply to 3351.10 
Hi Michael T, thanks for sending those files.

But yup your exported files are virtually identical as well.

The only thing other than time stamps that is different is just a label stating which version of the export library was being used.

I used the WinDiff utility to compare the files, these are the only lines that are different between them:

(line 4 in dec beta)
FILE_NAME ('C:\\Users\\Michael Tuttle\\Downloads\\12020827-MoI\\DECbeta-STEP.stp', '2010-02-27T14:39:08', ('Unknown'), ('Unknown'), 'HarmonyWare STEP v1.4.2', 'HarmonyWare Translators', '');

(line 4 in feb beta)
FILE_NAME ('C:\\Users\\Michael Tuttle\\Downloads\\12020827-MoI\\FEBbeta-STEP.stp', '2010-02-27T14:40:38', ('Unknown'), ('Unknown'), 'HarmonyWare STEP v1.4.3', 'HarmonyWare Translators', '');

Then 5 lines that are just purely time stamps that look like this:

(line 11612 in dec beta)
#94190 = LOCAL_TIME (14, 39, 8., #94180);

(line 11612 in feb beta)
#94190 = LOCAL_TIME (14, 40, 38., #94180);

And of course, since those contain the current time at writing the file, it is normal that those should be different between exports even from the same beta.

I’m amazed that there would be any difference importing these files into NX4, since there is no difference with anything relating to geometry between them.

I don’t really see what could be causing a difference between these files, unless for some reason NX4 tries to look at the version number of the STEP library that I’m using…

- Michael