STEP issues with FEB BETA?

 From:  Michael T. (MICTU_UTCIM)
Hi all,

Is anyone having any issues with exporting STEP files from the FEB BETA from MoI and importing them into another system? I ran into something wierd this morning. I was cleaning up an IGES file in MoI to make it a solid. I worked out clean with no naked edges. I exported a STEP file. I imported it into UG NX4 and all the faces were individual sheet bodies. I opened the same STEP file in Pro-E and some of the surfaces were missing. I opened thesame STEP file back into MoI and it was a solid. I then exported that as a STEP file, imported it into UG NX4 and Pro-E and they came into both systems as solid model 1 body entities.

I was jus wondering if anyone else was having similar issues.


Michael T.
Michael Tuttle a.k.a. mictu