Hard to do for me

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Tharso, yeah you cannot normally do a boolean difference with a curve that is going around in 3D space, it must be planar.

So you usually want to try and work with drawing 2D curves more often. They will become 3D in the end when they get automatically extruded and projected, but it is a lot easier to let the booleans and intersections produce the 3D curves rather than trying to draw fully 3D ones yourself, when possible.

So if you shape has some well defined profiles of it, try to work more on drawing 2D profile curves to describe them, and then build shapes from some of them, and use others to cut with.

For the secondary layer of spokes, try to imagine what they would look like if they were existing all by themselves, they would look something similar to the first layer, just with a different pattern, like the holes will be different shaped and be rotated a half step or something from the original one.

Model them like that first, as if they were a shape all by themselves, and then you can work on combining them in with the other part.

If you run into difficulties, try to post your current model that you're working on - 3DM format is actually the best format to save it in while you are in the middle of working on it, only use .STP format if you need to export to a different CAD system.

- Michael