Hard to do for me

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Tharso, here's how you might arrange some initial curves to help with drawing a nice symmetrical wedge.

I started with a rectangle that I drew with the Draw curve > Rect > Center command, like this:

Then select it and run Transform > Array > Circular and set the option Item count = 6, to get this:

Draw in a couple of circles (or if you want to control thickness maybe draw in 1 circle and then use Construct > Offset to create the second one at a specific thickness value away from the first one):

Now you can kind of see that you have an outline there that can form the basis for your wedge. You could just use Edit > Separate to break everything into individual lines at this point, or you can also use Edit > Trim to cut pieces with one another.

Also the booleans will work to cut up closed curves as well, so that's actually easiest in this case, just select everything and run Construct > Boolean > Union, and the pieces will all cut each other and make this result:

Now you can delete everything else other than that wedge and work off of it knowing that you have a nice piece with radial symmetry.

Like you might put some fillets on it to round the corners off, use it as as a basis for snapping on to when drawing some new curves, whatever you want to do as you create the shape for the holes.

- Michael