Hard to do for me

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Tharso, one way that may be pretty quick for this is to first build a large uninterrupted revolved solid and then cut some holes in it with Booleans.

That would go something like this - start with an outline drawn in the Top view, which looks like this:

Use the Construct > Revolve command to build a revolved solid from it like this:

That then forms the basic surface shape of the wheel. Now you can cut away parts to make the spokes. To do that, switch to the front or side view and draw in a profile curve like this:

Then use Transform > Array > Circular to copy that around in a circle 6 times to have this curve setup:

You may actually find it useful to draw in some initial lines and replicate them around with Array Circular first, to get a nice starting symmetrical wedge curve framework to use when drawing that piece.

So anyway at this point you've got an arrangement like this:

Now select the revolved solid, and run Construct > Boolean > Diff and pick those 6 curves as the cutting objects. They will cut holes in your revolved solid to form spokes, like this:

In your case, you've also got a secondary nested layer of spokes that are staggered from the first, you would probably want to repeat these steps with a different arrangement of holes and possibly a slightly different shaped starting surface to form that secondary layer as a separate object, then use Construct > Boolean > Union to fuse those 2 together into one piece if you need them to be one piece.

- Michael