Lighting scripts

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Mike, actually the light does already move around with you when moving the camera around.

The key light by default comes in from over your upper left shoulder, but it is not fixed in world coordinates, it is relative to the current camera direction.

Are you possibly using MoI v1 instead of MoI v2 ? In MoI v2 the whole lighting system has been substantially upgraded and has much more illumination and less dark areas on objects by default, because there is a system of multiple lights in place.

So if that is the case (if you are using v1), switching to the current v2 beta from here: should make a significant difference.

Then like Burr mentions, in MoI v2 there are also additional options to increase the light even further, choose a custom mix between the key and fill lights, or also to choose between some different light setups - one option is "Headlight" which has the light shining just directly forward along the camera direction instead of from over the shoulder.

Those options are available under v2 under Options > View > Lighting options:

- Michael