Construction lines not obeyed....

 From:  Michael Gibson
3344.9 In reply to 3344.8 
Hi niko, yeah a few similar commands like Move, Copy, and object dragging were affected.

They are all fixed though with the same pointpicker fix.

The problem was caused by a change back 2 betas ago, to try and avoid some kind of erratic-seeming behavior in commands like Rotate, which was described here:

When "on" snap kicked in on things like the x or y axis lines during Rotate inside the 3D view, it could be kind of confusing, so I added in something to suppress "on" object snaps that were at different plane elevations, for commands that restricted picks to be on a certain plane.

Move and Copy accidentally fell under that same category because they have some semi-planar behavior in them when their 2nd points are picked in the Top, Front, or Right views.

The fix is that the "on" snap suppression will only kick in for "fully planar" commands that force all points to be projected to their working plane like Rotate, and not to have it suppresed for "semi planar" ones like Move or Copy.

- Michael