From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi NightCabbage - check out this page which has a bunch of polyhedron objects in 3DM format that you can download and import into MoI:

Also check out these posts for a technique on how to construct a regular polyhedron from scratch in MoI (in these cases a 12-sided dodecahedron but the technique can be used for other shapes too):

But also for getting that exact same shape you show it may be easier to export it from your polygon program and bring the wireframe into MoI. You can do that by exporting from your polygon program in OBJ format, then run the OBJ to 3DM wireframe converter on it from here: that will then produce a 3DM file that has all the lines that you need - go in and select 3 lines at a time and run the Construct > Planar command, select another 3 lines and right-click to repeat until you have filled in all the planes and then use Edit > Join to glue them together.

- Michael