STL to STEP Conversion-Free

 From:  Colin
Hi Michael T,

Sorry, at this point I haven't had a chance to try the program out.

Being as I'm a Jeweller, STL files are the norm & quite often you'll need to add something around the STL model.
If you already own Rhino then it's not really an issue, as the STL mesh will display OK allowing you to build whatever is needed.
You can then Copy & Paste your various NURBS items from Rhino to MoI & continue from there.
But I much rather do all my work within MoI & STL meshes just can't be imported or displayed.

Being that V2 has the STEP file import, I thought if I can convert from STL to STEP, then I could see the mesh inside of MoI.
Still need to test this idea, but hopefully it'll will work out OK?

Even if your way is a tad "long", it's at least workable for your needs & purpose.

regards Colin