STL to STEP Conversion-Free

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi bmabam,

> Now for a real question. Is there an limit on the size of the stl
> file or # of facets in the stl file that can be imported or is
> simply a matter of the bigger it gets, the slower thinigs happen.

There isn't any one specific limit, it's more of the second thing you mention there where if you have a whole lot of polygons it will become heavier and heavier in data size and get slower.

I'd think you'd want to stick with something around 2000 faces or so.

It's just a not a good method to use though for heavier meshes, objects structured like that are just a very bad fit with the way NURBS work.

> Also, a request. It would be nice if you would use more progress
> bars. For these operations, that take some time like import and
> export, I've sat more than once wondering if I should kill the
> program because it hit a dead end.

Yup, in v3 I'm planning on working on this for importing.

For v2 there was a big step forward for export, there is a progress bar shown during the mesh generation stage now when exporting to a mesh file format.

- Michael