sweep change in direction

 From:  Michael Gibson
3329.6 In reply to 3329.4 
Hi s7r83dg3, it seems to be working as it is supposed to.

But it looks like you may want to have it rotated in different ways on different edges?

For example if you sweep along this edge it is probably how you want it:

Then when sweeping on this other edge:

That's giving the same orientation as the first one - sweeping just sees those box edges as lines and doesn't know that you want to reverse the orientation on different lines.

I'm not quite sure what kind of final shape you're looking for but probably a good starting point would be to join the upper 4 and lower 4 lines into rectangles and then sweep using the longer rectangle as the path instead of only 1 edge at a time. That will then rotate it as it moves around the rectangle and also in v2 it will do the mitering.

Another thing you can do is to place the triangle to be right in position directly on the rail curve, like this for example:

Then you may need to do that for each segment in order to more exactly control things.

When sweep sees that your profile curve is positioned directly around the rail like that, it will not do any kind of automatic movement or rotation of it and just take it exactly from where you have positioned it, then sweep it along the rails from there.

- Michael