Running MoI Version 1.1 and the beta version

 From:  Michael Gibson
3326.2 In reply to 3326.1 
Hi Nicholas, I also sent you a reply through e-mail, I'll include it here as well:


Hi Nicholas, I have not heard of this problem from anyone else so far...

Have you recently installed any kind of software that might be hooking into programs and modifying how they work? Like for example things that may change the appearance of programs or maybe some kind of virus or spyware checker?

MoI does make a lot of use of the Internet Explorer HTML engine for its UI, and if something is messed up on your system with IE then that could possibly cause problems with MoI running. You might try pushing the IE reset settings button that is mentioned in this blog post:

Also installing the latest version of IE may help to get IE straightened out.

- Michael