Internet Explorer scripting question

 From:  Dave Morrill (DMORRILL)

I've been trying to integrate some canned 3rd-party Javascript packages into one of the MoI plug-ins I've been working on and have consistently run into problems trying to get the code to work. I can usually run the 3rd-party examples in a stand-alone copy of IE8 with no problem, but when I try integrating the code into my plug-in which runs in a pop-up MoI browser window, the 3rd-party code never seems to work.

The symptom is frustratingly simple: the plug-in seems to do nothing. I've tried instrumenting the 3rd-party code with 'alert(...)' calls here and there, and the code always seems to be executing OK as far as I can tell. And yet it never seems to do what it is supposed to do. The rest of my Javascript code seems to work OK, and I've (for the most part) been able to use the jQuery package with my code, but these other packages are all failing silently for unknown reasons.

My best guess is that it is an environmental or security issue with the IE ActiveX component, but since I'm not getting any error messages anywhere, it's very hard to tell what the problem is. Since you've been working with this a lot longer than I have, I was just wondering if you have any thoughts, suggestions or tips? For example, is there some way that you know of that I can enable more debugging information from IE via MoI?

Just FYI, the 3rd-party packages are both different implementations of a Javascript-based code editor widget (to use instead of a simple <textarea>). Both packages attempt to load additional .js and .css files on the fly (hence my security problem hypothesis), but for at least one of them, that actually seems to be working, since an alert() I added to one of the dynamically loaded .js files gets called OK.

My code currently lives in the MoI 'ui' directory, and I've placed the 3rd party code in subdirectories of that, and reference the files using a src="foo/somecode.js" reference.

Any help or suggestions will be appreciated...

- Dave Morrill