From:  jbshorty
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Hi. I have an Intuos 6x8. But i only use an area that is mapped to size of credit card. this was the reccomendation of the people from Wacom that i spoke to. they told me the Wacom office staff mostly prefer the Intuos 3x5 (i think they stopped making this size now). I figured it would be worth an extra $80 or so to get the larger one for working in paint programs. but after using it, i realized the people at Wacom were right. Using a large tablet makes your arm tired. So that's why they like to use the smallest one. It's also much more portable (about half the size). So i would go for the smallest Intuos (4x6) unless you're left handed, because that one only has zoom buttons on the left side (not both sides like the big tablets)... If i were to buy one again, it would definitley be the 4x6...