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""""""""""not god not bad..."awesome" ;)""""""""""""""

Well, as the app is now, it give people the free ability to work with sculpting programs. This may not remain the case.

It could be good if they take the approach of say "Camtasia", where you can buy the big, full featured app, or just use the free version, which does a great job, just doesnt have a bunch of extra tools.

Most likely though, they are just aquiring the ability and it will integrate into their Monetary structure. Say goodbye to sculptris.

Except, the Dr. didnt plan any real further development AND I have a standalone app the way it is now, so I guess no loss. Only pixologic gain.

Not the equivelant of say.... "Michael selling out to Siemens" or something like that....LOL (Sorry Michael. I do hope that if you decide, you could retire with some kind of 6 million dollar buyout scenario) On that note, I wonder how many have already tried!!!!! :o